The Growler Guys

The Growler Guys

The Growler Guys

The Growler Guys

So much more than just beer!

Never before has the craft beer industry experienced such growth. There are more than 3200 breweries in the U.S. today—a jump from 537 in 1994. More styles, innovation and quality are available for one to enjoy and savor. That’s where we come in.

We, at the Growler Guys®, are passionate about bringing fresh craft beer into the homes of each community we serve. And, as an outcome, each community catches the craft beer craze and generates more followers by the thousands.

Once customers see we’re more than a growler fill-station, they’re hooked. They find out quickly we’re a place that really celebrates craft beer and offers the best selection and value. They also quickly learn how great it is to broaden their palette and gain more knowledge through our staff who are certified Beer Stewards.

So if you haven’t experienced one yet, it’s time you did. Check our locations now.

Behind the Scenes

Three partners provide the leadership and vision behind the Growlers Guys: Kent and Kizer Couch (father and son) and Mark Knowles. After some research into the beer growler and Oregon licensing laws, they began selling fresh craft beer on tap for beer growlers. And they haven’t stopped growing since and “raising the bar” on all aspects of their craft beer delivery.

They have utilized—and improved—the techniques of traditional beer companies’ to bring great, oxygen-free and foam-free craft beer in one bottle. And cans now too!

They helped develop the Phssssh™ CO²TO GO!, which allows customers to keep a half empty growler fresh indefinitely.

They have built a state-of-the-art, digital menu and tap-handle system that enables real-time updates for all of their locations.


A craft beer fill station like no other – growlers of craft beer, cider, kombucha and more!

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