Yoga Slackers – Where Yoga Meets Slackline

June 24, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Riverbend Park
799 SW Columbia St
Bend, OR 97702

Slackline Yoga, or YogaSlacking, is a type of slacklining which emphasizes static postures, transitions, and learning to control the line and your body. YogaSlacking is usually practiced on a garden line- a line is which is short and close to the ground offering a safe place to gain new skills. Standing and walking on the line are only a small subset of the practice. Through the YogaSlackers’ progressive method, students get the tools they need to develop a slackline practice that includes our five main modalities: kneeling, standing, sitting, arm balances and inversions. As we learn what is possible, our relationship with the line becomes more comfortable. As comfort increases, we seek to push boudaries again! We continually strive to bring ourselves back into the beginner mindset. The most classic ways to return to that crazy feeling of first stepping on a line are simple: lengthen the line, change the location of the line to something unfamiliar (and maybe less forgiving), or do both.

Michelle Griffith

Michelle is a mountain girl through and through. Born and raised in Denver, she spent her childhood obsessively exploring the mountains, doing everything from hiking, to camping, to skiing and snowboarding. She has a knack for ambitiously approaching her goals head on, but in a laid-back, patient way. Her teaching resembles this as well.

Michelle’s journey started while she was going to school for engineering in Golden, CO, when she walked her first slackline, took her first yoga class, and realized there was more to life than studying and making a lot of money after college. Her whole life changed when she met Sam and Raquel of the YogaSlackers while highlining in Colorado, and realized the possibility to live your life outside of the box, off the canvas, and out on the road. She began avidly pursuing slacklining, highlining, and acroyoga, grounding these three passions in her regular yoga practice.

After graduation, she traveled both abroad and domestically, while living out of her Toyota Tacoma for 14+ months, while obtaining her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification on the Big Island of Hawaii and becoming a certified YogaSlackers teacher in the summer of 2015.

Michelle now resides in Moab, UT, and actively practices and teaches slacklining, yoga, and acroyoga. Although grounded, she still enjoys traveling, and enjoys igniting the fire of passion in others, regardless of the form their passion may take. She enjoys connecting with new people, and deepening relationships and trust with longtime friends and students. She uses her scientific background to break down slacklining and acroyoga in a science, teaching both arts in bite-size, manageable pieces, where every small progression is a celebration.

Slackline Fundamentals with the YogaSlackers performances at 10 am & 1 pm at Riverbend Park.