Desert Orthopedics Bend PaddleBoard Challenge

June 23, 2018 @ 9:00 am
Riverbend Park
799 SW Columbia St
Bend, OR 97702
$35 Race Fee

The 2018 Desert Orthopedics PaddleBoard Challenge takes place at Riverbend Park in Bend, Oregon and is free to watch. The event is co-presented by Standup Paddle Bend and Tumalo Creek Kayak and Canoe.  Sue Fox, Director of all things SUP for the Subaru Outside Games and Tumalo Creek, is focused on making the SUP events welcoming to all styles of paddle enthusiast.  “We are stoked to be part of the Subaru Outside Games and are building on the foundation of this event that will continue to evolve for decades to come.”

The event will be offering races for elite paddlers, recreationalists, beginners and kids.  Tumalo Creek and Standup Bend will be building an atmosphere born around paddle culture:  showcasing Tahitian dancers and offering equipment demos, tips and instruction.  The Bend Paddleboard Challenge will have something for everyone.

All racing will center around Riverbend Community Park and the Old Mill District. The traditional long course race distance will depend on river conditions and sanctioning elements; it should be close to 5-6 miles in length.   The short track and sprint races will be back with several surprise elements to fire up the crowd and the competitors.

If you are wondering what type of equipment you may need or should have, the basics are simple.   Most elite racers will be riding a 14(ish) foot sanctioned race board.   The displaced hull and aerospace construction provide a board that glides extremely well through the water but will not have the lateral stability that most common touring and surf style boards have.  These boards are light and very fast.   There will be events designed for recreational designs, so don’t fret if you are more keen on the surf style vibe.

Sue’s enthusiasm for the SUP events is infectious.   This community-driven woman upholds many of the Outside Games’ values, most particularly our goal to build inclusive events where everyone is welcome, regardless of your particular style, shape or focus.   All participants with paid entry receive entry into the product raffles, potential podium time and access to the event luncheon.

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